Our team and our partners bring deep roots across multiple business functions. With 10-years of experience in a salt room therapy franchise, our team provides a full toolbox as you grow your salt spa franchise. The Salt Suite® salt spa franchise believes in taking the team with you on the journey. So, we acknowledge our internal team as well as key external partners that dedicate themselves to your success.

The Salt Suite

Ryan Dodson

Ryan Dodson, Certified Franchise Executive, CPA



Ryan is not the typical CPA. Some say that unlike most CPAs, Ryan actually has a personality. Why is he different? Maybe it is his entrepreneurial passion for franchising that honed his operations and people skills. Others find an oxymoron between the analytical side of a CPA and an executive who espouses the many benefits of a salt therapy franchise. Meet Ryan and decide for yourself; is he the expected CPA?

Ryan taps his 18 years of franchising experience and eight years working as a CPA to help franchisees meet their goals. In April 2019, Ryan left his position as Chief Strategy Officer at Liberty Tax, an international franchise with 3,000 plus offices. Before becoming CSO, Ryan was a Regional Director with a team that supported over 500 franchisees, 34 area developers and well over 1,000 stores. Ryan has owned franchises across several brands and grew his Area Development unit count from 4 to 90 stores in eight years.

Two things get Ryan very excited:

  1. bringing salt room therapy franchise to more people
  2. helping franchisees realize their dreams and goals

In November 2019, Ryan and his business partner purchased The Salt Suite® from its founders. The Salt Suite®, a salt room therapy franchise, offers dry salt therapy.

Ryan learned that understanding franchisees’ personal life goals relates to their business goals. He helps franchisees turn those goals and dreams into actionable plans. Come see how owning a salt spa franchise such as The Salt Suite® can help you reach your goals and dreams.

Tiffany Dodson

Tiffany Dodson, Certified Franchise Executive

Chief Experience Officer


Tiffany holds deep roots in the franchise industry. She held senior marketing roles at well-known international franchises. Tiffany received recognition as a top performing franchisee, and a top master franchisee. With co-author Stan Phelps, Tiffany published a book, Purple Goldfish Franchise Edition. The book covers six keys to creating a successful franchise system. She offers speeches, and workshops on the topic.

In her marketing career, Tiffany has the pleasure of working on some of the world’s best-known brands: Miller Lite, Krispy Kreme, and Liberty Tax Service. She worked on brand strategy, brand management, brand planning, television, radio, outdoor, digital, print, promotions, execution, grass roots marketing, agency searches, multi-cultural programs, budgeting, and new products.

In November 2019, Tiffany and her business partner purchased The Salt Suite® from its founders. The Salt Suite®, a salt room therapy franchise, offers dry salt therapy.

Tiffany enjoys time with friends and family. She spends her time traveling, learning, and watching her daughters ride horses. She discovered salt therapy at a salt room therapy franchise and researched it. The documented benefits of salt therapy amazed her. She realized that she wanted to pair franchising with salt therapy to bring it to more people. She regularly takes salt therapy and works out three times per week with a personal trainer to stay sharp and healthy.

Key Partners

CBRE Commercial Real Estate Services

https://www.cbre.com/ (Opens in New Window)

With integrated solutions, unique insight, and unmatched experience, CBRE delivers successful outcomes for salt spa franchise locations.

CBRE uncovers opportunities, supported by data intelligence, to help you identify changes in the dynamic retail landscape through our global, full-service real estate service platform


Guidant Financial

https://www.guidantfinancial.com/ (Opens in New Window)

Small business financing doesn’t have to be complicated. Guidant specializes in helping you find the right financing for your salt spa franchise. Guidant’s products and solutions have helped launch 25,000 small businesses. Guidant explores various options including: SBA Loans, 401(k) Business Financing, Unsecured Loans, and Other Funding Options. Ask your Salt Suite contact for a no obligation introduction today!

Guidant logo

iluma Agency

iluma Agency (Opens in New Window)

iluma Agency brings to our salt room therapy franchise extensive franchise marketing expertise with a proven track record with hundreds of successful franchise location openings. With more than 20 years of brand, digital, creative and marketing experience and 12+ years partnering with emerging and market leading franchise brands, iluma Agency serves as a key strategic partner in our success and growth.

iluma Agency also brings 10+ years of continued partnership with health and wellness franchises to design, develop and refine membership and presales marketing for local franchisees, including successful pre-sales for hundreds of locations. Their full-service team of marketing experts offers full creative, content, digital and development.

Iluma’s founder, Aaron Lee, has 30+ years of marketing, creative and digital experience producing a wide range of successful brand, marketing and digital

for some of the world’s top brands. In 2001, Aaron founded iluma Agency, now a leader in the franchise marketing industry.

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SFV Construction

Construction Management (Opens in New Window)

SFV Services offers national solutions for your entire salt room therapy franchise from initial concept to site construction and ongoing care. Experts in Construction Management, Facility Management and Retail, SFV can manage your salt spa franchise from site evaluation, through design, construction, to operational maintenance.

SFV Services focuses on building long term relationships by providing quality construction, skilled installation, competitive pricing, and on-time delivery.

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Additional Partners

We have relationships with technology and service providers to fuel our salt room therapy franchise growth. These partners provide various operations, finance, marketing, data, and relationship tools.