Cyndie Eldeman

I have been attending therapy sessions at The Salt Suite since early September 2016. I’ve visited the facility anywhere from one to three times a week. I have never suffered with sinus problems, and so was particularly aware, and somewhat surprised to discover (early on in the treatments) that within a few minutes of entering the treatment room, my sinuses started to drain!! That was my first clue that there might really be something to this new (to me) health practice.
I am quite comfortable in saying–THIS REALLY WORKS!! I have experienced a noticeable improvement in my lung function– i have so much more stamina on the tennis court. In addition, my esthetician, who has been doing facials for me for close to 20 years, recently mentioned that she’s never seen my skin looking so good! Now, i ask you– how great is THAT??
I also noticed salts remarkable curative powers in another skin area. Being in the salt environment seems to accelerate healing of bruises and wounds anywhere on the body.
Moreover, though my intention was not necessarily to relieve any stress, I would certainly recommend salt therapy for the purpose. It is such a relaxing, refreshing 45 minutes– the sessions always seem to end too soon.
The benefits I am reaping since having joined this sys are clearly varied. In addition to the salt therapy itself, the product line that is carried here (Mindful Minerals) is one of the nicest i’ve ever used. Lastly, everyone on the staff is so friendly, professional and accommodating. It is truly a most pleasurable experience, from start to finish. I am profoundly glad i found you, Salt Suite!!