Kaleigh Marschall

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had the most sensitive skin, especially on my face. I’ve gone through at least ten different dermatologists throughout the years, trying to treat something no one could diagnose. I’ve tried everything on the market. Being a 19 year old girl with red, itchy, bumpy skin ruined my self-confidence. I finally with diagnosed with chronic rosacea and my grandma gifted me five sessions at The Salt Suite for Christmas. Within two sessions, the rashes on my legs and my back and chest were completely gone and my face already started to subside. I became a member the next week and started using many products The Salt Suite offered. Six months later and my skin is completely clear and I feel better than ever. The Salt Sure gave me back the confidence I lost so long ago. This place has changed my life and I will be a member for a very long time.