General Overview

The Salt Suite® beauty franchise offers dry salt therapy, a natural option to alleviate symptoms from respiratory and skin conditions. With the natural properties of salt, this therapy:

  • reduces inflammation
  • attacks bacteria and microorganisms
  • supports the immune system by making the body less inflamed
  • makes the respiratory tract more efficient in eliminating contaminants
  • improves endurance by making the respiratory system more efficient

The History of Salt Therapy

From Ancient Salt Deposits

From preserving food, to a form of currency, to treatment for various ailments, salt has filled various purposes for centuries. As far back as 20 million years ago, a shallow sea covered Europe and Russia. The sea retreated, and left salt deposits between 10 and 300 meters below.

We know that the earliest civilizations formed near salt deposits. Rome built roads to transport the valuable compound more easily. The phrase ‘worth their weight in salt’ comes from Roman soldiers receiving payment in salt. Even the word salary comes from Roman workers receiving payments in salt. Those who study religions know that the Bible uses salt as a metaphor for sustaining life. For centuries, salt has helped sustain life.

From Ancient Salt Deposits

The First Salt Cave

In 1843, Polish physician Dr. Feliks Boczkowski discovered that one type of miner rarely became sick. Nor did they suffer the normal respiratory issues associated with underground working. Furthermore, the workers physically looked younger than their years. What did this group have in common? They all worked in the Wieliczka salt mine.

Dr. Boczkowski began treating respiratory patients in the mine. He sent them underground for sessions while workers mined salt. The mining creating fine particles for patients to inhale. By 1958, Wieliczka salt mine became a speleotherapy health resort. Speleotherapy refers to a cave like microclimate where participants inhale small salt particles. By 1976, Russian doctors and scientists created a machine, called a halogenerator. Our beauty franchise utilizes the halogenerator to crush salt into tiny particles and sends them into the air as a dry aerosol. Halo is the Greek word for salt, thus the name halogenerator.

Salt Cave

So, how does salt therapy work in the modern world?

Today, in The Salt Suite® beauty franchise, clients enter a room that has a cool dry climate. They relax in comfortable clothing reclined in a cushy chair. A modern halogenerator crushes pharmaceutical grade salt into pieces one to five microns in size. For perspective, 80% of the pieces are smaller than two microns and that is 30 times finer than a human hair. The fine salt particles penetrate deeply into the respiratory tract and through the layers of the skin.

Start of the session

salt room franchise
A machine called a halogenerator grinds pharmaceutical-grade dry salt into micro-sized particles, which are dispersed into the air of your salt room.

During your session

salt cave franchise
As you lay back in the recliners and inhale the salty air, the particles penetrate deep within your respiratory system and are absorbed by your skin.

Right after the session

salt room therapy franchise
The salt’s antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties work to remove the build-up of mucus and eliminate bacteria and toxins to open up your airways, clear your skin, and help you breathe easier.

Salt therapy and Breathing

Salt naturally decreases inflamed airways and thins mucus in clogged airways. The open clear respiratory tract flushes bacteria, allergies, and colds from the body. Salt therapy improves discomfort from symptoms associated with:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Chronic Cough
  • COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Ear Infections
  • Emphysema
  • Sinusitis
  • And other respiratory illnesses

Mucus traps viruses, colds, flus and other unwanted contaminations. With salt therapy at the beauty franchise The Salt Suite®, the body moves these unwanted germs out of the body as mucus leaves the respiratory tract. Science and clients tell our beauty franchise that they have few sick days with regular salt therapy. Breathe Easy™

Salt therapy and Breathing

Salt Therapy and Skin Health

Tiny salt particles penetrate the skin three levels deep. Studies show that a reaction occurs. The reaction signals for skin to make its protective layer. This production eases symptoms of many skin issues like:

  • Acne
  • Aging
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis

Our retail skincare lines supplement salt therapy. The lines carried in our beauty franchise contain Dead Sea Mud and Salt. Used regularly with salt therapy the client benefits from the synergy.

Salt Therapy and Skin Health

Salt Therapy and Sleep & Stress

Sleep and stress issues continue to grow in America. Where else do people take time to breathe clean air, relax, and focus on their wellness? A beauty franchise, such as The Salt Suite®, we have many clients who find that salt therapy restores them. Salt decreases inflammation and helps the body clear germs. As the airways open, those with snoring and sleep apnea find sleeping easier. Better sleep lowers stress. Lower stress leads to better sleep. And the salty cycle continues.

Salt Therapy and Sleep & Stress

Salt Therapy and Performance

Swollen joints, compressed airways, and sore muscles hurt performance. And performance may mean a professional athlete, a weekend marathoner, or someone who wants more pep. Salt’s anti-inflammatory benefit does not stop in the airways. It extends to swollen joints as well. Plus, more oxygen in open airways fuels performance and muscle recovery. No wonder athletes put salt therapy in their training regimen.

Salt Therapy and Performance

Client Testimonials

Clients love their beauty franchise experience at The Salt Suite®. Listen and read what our clients have say. Changing Lives One Breath at a Time®.

Let's Hear from Our Clients

The Salt Suite has enabled me to remain healthy and breathing great despite asthma/allergies and other getting “sick” around me!

Leslie Mendenhall

This is our favorite place. We just relax. Our sinuses are open and we can breathe so much better. Love the people here!

Shirley And Murph Groditnitzky

No more sinus headaches! No more itchy arms! Skin looks healthy!
Great products! Great employees! Stress-Free oasis!
Wish I have time to come every day!


Love The Salt Suite, cured my sinus issues and keeps my stress under control! Plus great me time!

Barbara Kenney

I have suffered from chronic sinus infections for a while but once I started coming to The Salt Suite I no longer suffer from sinus infections. I have also noticed my son’s immunity was boosted tremendously, when most kids are getting sick he doesn’t.

Sam McCullough

I enjoy coming to The Salt Suite. It is so relaxing that I sometimes find myself falling asleep. The salt has helped me with my allergies and eczema. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, professional, friendly and accommodating.

Nina LaSalle

Love every second of it. Cured my allergies. Helps to relax. Over all its good for your health.

Jane Mayster

It was an energizing, relaxing experience. I plan on doing it again and again.

Marie Brier

My raves go to The Salt Suite! Last August I began to cough so bad I couldn’t breathe and three times was rushed to the emergency clinic. I was diagnosed with asthma attacks brought on by an allergy. The doctor had now put me on a nebulizer, an inhaler and 3 different meds. I am not a medicine person. In Jan. my son and daughter in law decided to try The Salt Suite for my cough. Almost immediately I noticed a difference. I have tried to go 3x a week. The doctor has taken me off the nebulizer, I am on 1 allergy pill and although the inhaler remains with me, I have not used it in 2 months. I am a firm believer in The Salt Suite, and although I still have asthma I am not afraid of doing what I want and landing up in the emergency clinic. PS: The staff is wonderful and will work with you to make appointments convenient.


I enjoy the reduction in stress I feel when experiencing a salt session. No matter what kind of day I’ve had, no matter how bad or stressful, I know that by the end of my session, I’ll have forgotten all about the troubles of my day.

Kristy Kirk

For many years I have suffered with respiratory problems. In 2010, I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis, a deadly disease that up to now has no cure. I have gone to various doctors, had a surgery, therapies, and taken very expensive medicine to try to slow down the progression of the disease. As the disease progressed, I developed a shortness of breath, and a chronic cough that debilitated me to a point that I was incapable to function normally. A friend told me about The Salt Suite. And I decided to try it. I’m pleased to tell you that from the first visit, I could see a tremendous improvement, I can breathe better and got more energy. My friend and people that know me, tell me of how better I look. While I know that the therapy is not going to cure me, it has improved my life. Thank you Salt Suite.

Grateful Bob

I had Post Nasal Drip for over 60 years and used a sinus rinse and Flonase DAILY! And after starting The Salt Suite, the post nasal drip is completely gone and I haven’t used those medicines since!!!! Also, prior to beginning my sessions here, I had very bad sinus headaches every week to 10 days….guess what? After a few weeks here…I never had one again! This all natural therapy is a game changer. My daily quality of life has improved immensely!

Ira Hirsch

I have been attending therapy sessions at The Salt Suite since early September 2016. I’ve visited the facility anywhere from one to three times a week. I have never suffered with sinus problems, and so was particularly aware, and somewhat surprised to discover (early on in the treatments) that within a few minutes of entering the treatment room, my sinuses started to drain!! That was my first clue that there might really be something to this new (to me) health practice.
I am quite comfortable in saying–THIS REALLY WORKS!! I have experienced a noticeable improvement in my lung function– i have so much more stamina on the tennis court. In addition, my esthetician, who has been doing facials for me for close to 20 years, recently mentioned that she’s never seen my skin looking so good! Now, i ask you– how great is THAT??
I also noticed salts remarkable curative powers in another skin area. Being in the salt environment seems to accelerate healing of bruises and wounds anywhere on the body.
Moreover, though my intention was not necessarily to relieve any stress, I would certainly recommend salt therapy for the purpose. It is such a relaxing, refreshing 45 minutes– the sessions always seem to end too soon.
The benefits I am reaping since having joined this sys are clearly varied. In addition to the salt therapy itself, the product line that is carried here (Mindful Minerals) is one of the nicest i’ve ever used. Lastly, everyone on the staff is so friendly, professional and accommodating. It is truly a most pleasurable experience, from start to finish. I am profoundly glad i found you, Salt Suite!!

Cyndie Eldeman

The Salt Suite has saved us during allergy season. No more medications for my toddler. I love all the natural remedies. Thank you!

Mariana Catayeno

We started coming to The Salt Suite several weeks ago, when my 4 year old daughter had been suffering from chronic colds and sinus infections. After 2 rounds of antibiotics over a 3 month period, I knew we had to try something else. I cannot even begin to say how awesome this has been for her. After the 1st session, her cough began to dissipate, and she slept all night peacefully. I also brought my other 2 children (ages 9 & 12) with her, since they both suffer from allergies. They found immediate improvement as well and beg me every day to come back! When we leave our treatment session, the children are so calm and relaxed as well! I highly recommend The Salt Suite to anyone looking for relief from colds, allergies, asthma, or just to destress and relax!


Unexpected results! Sinus’ much improved’ ears unclogged; breathing easier (childhood asthma); skin clearer; cracked heels- not cracked! Who knew there would be so many benefits to consistent “salting!


Visiting The Salt Suite Lake Worth once and sometimes twice a week for the last 3 months has enabled better sleep, fewer allergy meds and overall better breathing for me. Fewer smells at work make me sneeze or cause a runny nose or eyes. The sessions are very relaxing and enable a short deep sleep nap. Thank you to The Salt Suite.

Anita Johnson

My 5 year old daughter Addison would wake up and sneeze over 100 times a day…every day of her life has been sneezing, sneezing, and sneezing. Since we started the salt suite, she stopped sneezing! Her allergies have almost literally disappeared. Her inflammation is virtually gone…she’s living the good life now! As for me (Beverly, aka: mom) I was on medicine for over 30 years…daily meds…and since going steadily to the salt suite, I take nothing! Simply herbs and then attend sessions at The Salt Suite. You know what The Salt Suite does, it solves the problem….it goes in and removes the inflamation. It’s not a symptom treater, it helps solve the problem! We love it there as it has literally changed my life!

Beverly Chung (Addison 5)

LOVE The Salt Suite! I have COPD and I think it’s helping me a lot. I breathe easier and have coughed less each day. It is also very relaxing and therefore GREAT for stress!

Joan Neiman

I have chronic bronchitis, and even in my first sessions, found the whole experience to be relaxing and restful. I am looking forward to many more sessions!

Ralph Wall

I always feel better when I leave here! Its so relaxing!

Karen Slagle

Our son Trevor comes to The Salt Suite for his eczema. Before coming here he had severe eczema and now his condition is very mild! With frequent visits we are able to help keep his eczema calm and maintained. We love it!

Glenna & Adam Hirsch

Before Salt Therapy, I had 3 to 4 sinus infections every year. In the last year I have NOT HAD ANY!! What a great way to have good health and relax at the same time!

Elysa Foster

I love The Salt Suite and my baby girl loves it here too! It’s helped me with stress and has boosted both of our immune systems. I used to get ear infections too and I have noticed my ears feel less pain now. We will definitely continue to come!

Rachel Sanders (Jorydan)

Mason came in with an Ear Infection. After coming to The Salt Suite 4 times he had a follow up Doctor’s appointment and the Doctor saw a 75% improvement! We are not going to need tubes now. We are so thankful to have found The Salt Suite!

Crystal Womack (with Mason 2)

I came to The Salt Suite initially because of a skin condition that no one could figure out including the allergist and the dermatologist. But the salt sessions seemed to help start the healing process. Eventually we realized it was a reaction to my work clothing and changed that, but the salt continues to heal my skin in so many places and has helped me sleep better, not snore, and now I have little to no post nasal drip along with my other allergy symptoms. I love coming to my salt sessions and the way my breathing feels after!

Jeff Farr

A wonderful experience…my stress level is way down! My itchy arms no longer itch! The Staff is always friendly and helpful (kudos to Jessie and Ariel!) And the products are great too. I highly recommend “Get Carded” and the himalayan bath bombs!!! I love doing double sessions and relaxing at The Salt Suite for so many reasons!

Debbi Turnbull

It has been a wonderful invention. I love it at The Salt Suite! It makes me feel like a million dollars! I Highly recommend it to everyone.

Jane Mayster

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had the most sensitive skin, especially on my face. I’ve gone through at least ten different dermatologists throughout the years, trying to treat something no one could diagnose. I’ve tried everything on the market. Being a 19 year old girl with red, itchy, bumpy skin ruined my self-confidence. I finally with diagnosed with chronic rosacea and my grandma gifted me five sessions at The Salt Suite for Christmas. Within two sessions, the rashes on my legs and my back and chest were completely gone and my face already started to subside. I became a member the next week and started using many products The Salt Suite offered. Six months later and my skin is completely clear and I feel better than ever. The Salt Sure gave me back the confidence I lost so long ago. This place has changed my life and I will be a member for a very long time.

Kaleigh Marschall

After my first visit, I felt a difference in my breathing. That was two years ago! And since, I have gained more energ“y and only felt better and better. My job deals with antiques and therefore keeps me in a moldy environment. When I leave there I have itchy eyes and continually coughing. The Salt Suite has helped me tremendously with those issues as well. I love my salt sessions and tell all my friends about it! What a great, natural way to stay healthy!

Laverna Bartoletti

The Salt Suite has been a Godsend for me! I’ve suffered from asthma, allergies and chronic sinus issues most of my life. After just one session I felt the difference and have been using this therapy ever since. I am no longer on antibiotics nor my regular allergy meds. And I haven’t used my inhaler in over 2 years. I recommend it to anyone who suffers as I once did!

Laura Weinstein

I suffer from Chronic Sinusitis and decided to give this a try. After two weeks I saw a noticeable improvement in my condition. I also feel like I have more energy. The staff is very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who suffers from sinus or lung problems!

Paul Pesiri

The Salt Sessions help alleviate the sinus congestion I’ve had my whole life and every time I leave I feel better!

Sheila Sackler

The Art of Relaxation. Breathe Easy with the benefits for mind, body and spirit. A beautiful space to make you feel terrific. The Salt Suite is my happy place!

Sheriene Ahmed