Do you want a health and wellness business that makes a difference in your community while also making a difference in your life? Do you want to be in business for yourself and enjoy the resources of something bigger?

If you answered yes, then The Salt Suite® may offer your entry to a health and wellness franchise.

Like you, The Salt Suite® owners dreamed of making a difference to others with business ownership. They wanted something not on every corner, and not found online. They found a health and wellness franchise with monthly subscription revenue intriguing.

The Salt Suite opportunity leverages their professional experiences. Ongoing coaching augments skills to aid in the transition to business owner and business growth. With 10 years in the salt therapy industry, The Salt Suite® has an established model to take you from pre-opening and beyond. This model includes:

  • site selection
  • buildout
  • client acquisition and relationship management
  • branding and marketing tools
  • retail items and supply partners
  • back-office support
  • coaching
  • ongoing research and development

What makes The Salt Suite® health and wellness franchise opportunity unique?

  • The opportunity size: ask friends, neighbors and family who has:
    • allergies
    • respiratory challenges
    • acne
    • skin issues
    • stress
  • Subscription Based Monthly Recurring Revenue
  • First Mover Advantage- First US Salt Therapy Franchise
  • Early High Growth Phase of the Industry – Salt therapy is rapidly growing in the US
  • Experienced Franchisor with 45+ combined years
  • Hundreds of client testimonials of how salt therapy at The Salt Suite® changed their lives
  • As Americans turn from pharmaceuticals to natural self-care, The Salt Suite will continue to thrive.

Proprietary Buildout is Worth its Weight in Salt

It seems so straight forward. Put salt blocks or salt on the wall. Add some device to blow salt into the room. And voila! You have a salt cave health and wellness franchise, right? Wrong. Over 10 years, The Salt Suite® worked with HVAC experts and industry insiders to fine tune our salt cave buildout. This takes engineering, math, and science to create the best client experience. Plus, many overspend in this area, making a return on investment challenging. Our process can save $10,000 to over $100,000 in buildout cost compared to some Do-It-Yourself projects.

We pair this knowledge with two of the best resources in international franchising. CBRE Commercial Real-estate uses state of the art technology to aid in selecting the location. Together with the franchisee and our site selector, CBRE helps select a site and negotiates the lease terms. With a lease in hand, SFV Services Construction Management plans the layout, and builds the suite to our specifications.

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Personal Rewards

Have you ever had a mother tell you that you saved her child’s life? We have. Most do not receive that gratifying experience of Changing Lives One Breath at a Time®. For a Salt Suite health and wellness franchise owner, this experience brings unbelievable joy. Our suites serve clients from ages 3 weeks to 100 years plus in age. We equally serve men and women. We have the pleasure of adding more life to their years and becoming a trusted part of their wellness journey.

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Mutual Evaluation Process

When selecting a health and wellness franchise, make sure that the opportunity fits. Our mutual evaluation process helps candidates determine if The Salt Suite® is a fit for goals. Likewise, we want to ensure that your qualifications and experiences meet The Salt Suite® health and wellness franchise opportunity. During your discovery process, you will meet with our team members to learn more about life as a Salt Suite owner. Breathe Easy™, it is a yes or no decision.

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