Frequently Asked Question

Starting a business is a big step and you may have many questions. Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions with answers about our salt therapy opportunity.

What is salt therapy?

Dry salt therapy is a natural, centuries old European remedy for many common ailments. Salt therapy improves lung function. Regular use clears pollens, pollutants, toxins, and virus bugs from the lungs and nose. Salt therapy provides relief from skin conditions such as dermatitis, acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Salt therapy supports immune health. Regular use helps the respiratory tract stay clean. Over time, as salt enters through the skin, it signals t-lymphocyte production.  Athletes value that salt therapy 1) opens airways, 2) increases oxygen flow, and 3) reduces inflammation and swelling in joints. At The Salt Suite® franchise, those with sleep and stress issues, appreciate open airways and the calming effects to rest better.

Isn’t salt bad for you?

Human blood has a salt concentration of 0.9%. Cry, and you will taste a saltiness on your cheek from saline in tear ducts. Our bodies are naturally a little bit salty.  But, in a 45-minute salt therapy session, a client’s salt intake is 100 times less than the daily recommended value.  Most of the salt is inhaled, and as it thins mucus, it exits the body1.

How does salt therapy work?

Clients enter a room at The Salt Suite® franchise with a cool dry climate. They relax in a reclined cushy chair wearing street cloths. A modern halogenerator crushes pharmaceutical grade salt into pieces one to five microns in size. For perspective, 80% of the pieces are smaller than two microns and that is 30 times finer than a human hair.  The fine salt particles penetrate deeply into the respiratory tract and through the layers of the skin.  As Dr. R. Richard Leinhardt, an ENT facial plastic surgeon in New York City and a first responder to 9/11 shares in a US News article:

“It follows with sodium chloride being an integral part of the body’s physiology and dealing with homeostasis and health.  Saline in the lungs is key to eliminating toxins that we either inhale or otherwise come into contact with, and salt allows the body to excrete impurities through ion exchange”2.

Dr. Oz further described the process on a February 2014 show segment.  Dr. Oz described how salt therapy thins mucus allowing cilia, the hair like fiber of the lungs, to move more freely. The movement transports mucus with bacteria and toxins out of the respiratory tract3.

Is there proof salt therapy, like what The Salt Suite® franchise offers, helps with respiratory issues?

Yes, salt therapy improves symptoms from common respiratory issues like:

  • asthma
  • severe asthma
  • allergies
  • bronchitis
  • chronic bronchitis
  • COPD
  • sinusitis

But don’t take our word, as we are in the salt therapy business.  Instead, take the word of scientist and doctors who study the effects of salt therapy on people suffering from breathing problems.

One study exposed people with various breathing issues and ages seven to sixty to halotherapy (modern salt therapy). Those exposed showed improvement in inflammation and allergic response. Additionally, they had a decrease in the body’s sensitiveness and in the infectious inflammatory process.  This study also showed a need to continue salt therapy to maintain these benefits9.  Salt therapy reduced inflammation and sensitivity triggers, plus made it easier to breathe. Patients exposed to salt therapy had less inflammation, could breathe better and were less sensitive to their triggers. Clients at The Salt Suite® franchise share testimonials like these research results.

In another study, 393 people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) took one salt therapy session.  In only one session, participants saw improved oxygen saturation of arterial blood10. A different study looked at people with a mix of health statuses. Some healthy, others at-risk for COPD, and some had COPD and asthma. Three-months of salt therapy taken two times per week dramatically improved healthiness and quality of life.  In the group taking salt therapy, there were 14 cases of acute respiratory viral infections and 104 days of symptoms. In the group that did not take salt therapy, there were 55 cases of acute respiratory viral infections and 585 days of symptoms. The study included 160 people, both male and female, and various age groups participated11.

How likely is salt therapy to help?  One study found that 72% – 87% of those with nasal pathology found improvement with salt therapy.  Sixty percent of those with chronic sinusitis saw improvement. Ninety percent with acute sinusitis saw improvement and reduced mucosa after two to three sessions5. In a different study, salt therapy improved drainage in:

  • 85% of cases with moderate asthma
  • 75% of severe asthma cases
  • 97% of chronic bronchitis and bronchiectasis

Furthermore, this study found that common cold cases cut in half.  And those at risk for lung disease had significant changes12.

Salt therapy has a positive impact on the:

  • nervous system
  • mucosal surfaces
  • extending to salivary glands
  • middle and an inner ear (ear infections)
  • sinus cavity gingival zone
  • oral cavity
  • physical lesions13

How does salt therapy support the immune system?

In a US News article, Dr. Joseph Marino, medical director of Long Island Jewish Valley Stream Hospital in New York states:

“The efficacy of halotherapy [may] be related to an immunologic effect by elevating T lymphocytes, which are one of our germ fighters.”

Salt therapy could aid in supporting the immune system’s fight of colds, flu and other bugs2.

What about skin- how does salt therapy help?

Halotherapy works on superficial and deeper skin layers. It increases activity and improves the skin’s protective properties. This provides healing as well as cosmetic effects:

  • normalizes pH
  • stimulates “restorative and regenerative processes in the epidermis and derma resulting in increases in skin rigidity”
  • “Improves microcirculation cellular membrane activity”
  • “Enhances skin regeneration and elasticity”
  • “Reduces wrinkles and edema”

The study noted that salt therapy poses insignificant risks4.

What about people with heart conditions?

Another study looked at elderly patients with concomitant cardiac pathology. The study concluded that long-term use of halotherapy benefited these patients.  Patients with coronary artery bypass graft surgery also benefited from salt therapy. They showed a reduction and stabilization of arterial blood pressure5. A separate study researched the effects of salt therapy on patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and either hypertension or coronary heart disease. This study found that salt therapy offers positive effects on the lungs as well as on blood pressure6.

How does visiting The Salt Suite® franchise help athletes and performance?

Salt therapy increases the airways. Bacteria in our airways causes breathing issues, and salt therapy cleans the bacteria from the airways. Regular users have:

  • increase in respiratory volume
  • improved oxygen levels
  • improved cardiovascular performance
  • decreased heart rate and breathing rate7

Salt therapy offers more athletic energy, better breath control, and peak performance. The better oxygen flow, the better the muscle recovery.

Workouts, aging, and performing repeatedly may cause swelling, especially in joints. Salt therapy is anti-inflammatory and pulls fluid trapped in skin8. Fewer days of swelling may mean more productive days with less pain.

Swollen joints: Workouts, aging, and performing over and over again may cause swelling, especially in joints.  Salt therapy is anti-inflammatory and pulls fluid trapped in skin2. Visiting The Salt Suite® franchise means fewer days of swelling may mean more productive days with less pain.


Why join The Salt Suite® franchise?

The Salt Suite® franchise is leading the wave of change in salt therapy. We pioneered the membership-based, recurring revenue salt therapy experience in 2011. In 2016, we offer the first US salt therapy franchise. We’ve been growing ever since – Changing Lives One Breath at a Time®.

Is salt therapy offered virtually or sold by a big box retailer?

There is not a virtual method for salt therapy. This therapy must be experienced in person, so a virtual or online experience does not replace what we offer. While some sell an at home version, the efficacy often lacks. Salt therapy in its full form requires proprietary HVAC knowledge and protection. Otherwise, it can cause costly damage to HVAC systems. Replicating what The Salt Suite® franchise offers at home would be difficult, messy and costly.

Who would make a great owner of The Salt Suite®?

No industry experience is necessary for The Salt Suite® franchise. A candidate needs great relationship building skills, people management skills, and self-motivation. Those who work with integrity and enjoy taking your team with you on the journey perform well. Playing fair with others is a must and business experience is a plus. We do not seek candidates who want to buy themselves a job, but rather those who wish to grow from working ‘in’ the business to working ‘on’ the business.

How big is the opportunity?

  • Allergies affect 50 million Americans at an annual cost of $18 billion, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). The Foundation also shares that asthma leads to 9.8 million doctor visits per year. The CDC shares that 1 in 13 Americans or 25 million Americans have Asthma. That is 7.7% of children and 8.4% of adults.
  • The American Academy of Dermatology Association shares that 50 million Americans suffer from acne. Eczema effects 31.6 million Americans according to the National Eczema Association. National Psoriasis Foundation states that eight million Americans have Psoriasis.
  • Seventy million Americans have sleep disorders as reported by the CDC.

Who is the competition?

Mom and pop salt caves are most of the competitors. They have various quality and resources. While the industry is fragmented, it is growing quickly. This leaves the door open for The Salt Suite® franchise to enter with

  • a proven business model
  • excellent customer experience
  • 10 years in the industry

What is your long-term plan for The Salt Suite®?

Our goal is to continue Changing Lives One Breath at a Time® in more cities across the US. By the end of 2023, we plan to have 50 open franchise units. By the end of 2025, we plan 100 franchise units. We will not stop there. It is our goal to reach every major US city, making salt therapy a viable natural option to improve symptoms from many conditions across the US.

What are the steps to investigating and opening a Salt Suite?

Start by filling out a contact form at this link. And view for a step-by-step list.

I have a partner. Do we both need to be involved in the process?

Yes, everyone investing in The Salt Suite® franchise should be involved. This ensures that each person has the information to make an informed decision. And that we have met all parties with potential franchise.

How much money can I make?

As a franchise company, the federal government regulates how we represent unit performance. As part of our discovery process you are invited to speak with as many of our franchisees as you wish who may share their experiences with The Salt Suite®.

How much does it cost?

The initial investment ranges from $199,100 to $426,550. Some of the range depends on size of the location, territory, your needs for working capital and other expenses. The large part of your investment will go towards the location, build out and equipment needed to open your business. As with any franchise, this range includes estimates for startup capital that includes initial wages, insurance, supplies, retail product inventory, and other items.

Do you have financing options?

We work with several funding partners. They help in determining what funding options may be available and assist in applying for those funds. It is best to first speak with us about The Salt Suite® and we will introduce you to one of our partners. They will assist with no obligation.

How do you determine the size of a territory?

A Salt Suite territory is protected and around 100,000 in population.

Does The Salt Suite® offer a military discount?

Yes, we extend a 10% discount on a single territory purchase to veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces with a DD214.

What are the minimum financial requirements to open The Salt Suite®?

A prospect should have at least $75,000 in liquid capital.

How do I get customers?

The Salt Suite® franchise has developed a proven marketing process for building your business. We will teach you our processes and techniques to make you known in the marketplace and maximize exposure. We use a combination of web, social media, local networking, print, mass media and referral marketing to generate business. Our value proposition also stands on its own amongst the spa and wellness industry. Our first six locations served over 50,000 clients.

Does The Salt Suite® franchise have marketing system in place for me?

Yes, The Salt Suite® signage, website and brand program have been strategically designed to contribute to your operation’s business potential.

Do I need to have experience to do this type of work?

No, experience is not necessary. Although spa and wellness experience could be a plus. The Salt Suite® franchise will provide you with hands-on technical training before you open your doors for business. And we don’t stop there. The Salt Suite® provides continued training during opening and ongoing basis. We train both in your territory and through virtual support. Our training is both in-person at your location and online.

How does initial training work?

Before pre-sales, franchisees spend three days preparing and practicing. Coaching continues during this process. Before opening, the franchisee attends four days of in-person training at one of our locations. Once the location opens, a corporate team member trains in the location for three more days. Training is for the franchisee and their manager, if the franchisee is not the day to day manager.


Is there a training program after I open?

The Salt Suite® franchise offers group and individual trainings ongoing. We also offer regular coaching tailored to skill sets that grow the business. Training tools exists for franchisees, managers, and team members.

Does The Salt Suite® franchise partner with vendors to help me?

Yes! The Salt Suite® works with supply partners who provide resources that stock your business location as well as tools that create the best client experience.

What type of space is needed? Do you help find the space?

The Salt Suite® locates in retail shopping centers where our target client visits frequently. We use state of the art software to help determine potential sites. We work with a national commercial realty company. They pair national franchise expertise with local commercial realtors and your input to find the location. A Salt Suite site selector visits each potential site in person with you.  Our national partner assists in negating the lease teams.

How long does it take to open?

After we select a location, our national construction partner works with our national architect to:

  • create a layout
  • buildout budget
  • access permits
  • build you location

Once our construction partner secures permits, most locations are built within 12-weeks. Along the way, you’ll see the work in progress and have updates.