“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young” – Henry Ford

We value continual learning for growth. At The Salt Suite®, training starts with how to open a salt cave business and advances from there.

Our training starts with pre-sales training. Franchisees spend three days preparing and practicing as they learn how to start a salt therapy business. Before opening day, the franchisee and the suite manager attend four days of in-person training. This training takes place at one of our locations with a corporate trainer. Upon opening, a corporate trainer will spend three more days in the new location. This training focuses on training the franchisee and their team members.

Buildout: How To Open a Salt Cave Business – Digging out the Cave!

We partnered with some of the brightest talent to bring our franchisees an efficient and effective salt business. Over 10 years, The Salt Suite® worked with HVAC experts and industry insiders to fine tune our salt cave buildout. This takes engineering, math, and science to create the best client experience.

  • Financing- Receive expert guidance from our partners Guidant Financial
  • Site Selection- Supported by our partners CBRE Commercial Real-estate
  • Buildout- Supported by our partners SFV Services

Training: How to Start a Salt Therapy Business? The Salt Suite® has a cave full of tools!

  • Pre-Sales Training 3-days
  • Pre-Opening Training 4-days In-Person In-Suite
  • Opening Training 3-days In-Person at your Suite
  • Marketing, Sales, Finance, Train the Trainer Webinars
  • Hands on Training of Technology and CRM systems
  • Technology and CRM System Webinars
  • Online ‘Cave’ Stocked with Training Tools 24/7/365
  • Coaching from your Salt Suite Team
  • Join a Salt Family of Sharing Franchisees!

Marketing & Business Development: Still not sure How to Open a Salt Cave Business? The Salt Suite® supports franchisees with needed tools!

  • Customer Relationship Management Tool – Communicate with Clients and Retain Their Loyalty
  • Branded Tools- Easily Accessible Digitally and Printed
  • Localized marketing campaigns – designed by our world class marketing partner iluma agency
  • Monthly Calendars- Promotions, Tips, Networking Ideas, Event Suggestions and more

Operations: Want More help on How to Start a Salt Therapy Business?

  • Point of Sale – One Tool for Scheduling, Collecting Payments, Tracking Performance
  • Customer Nurturing – another tool that maintains member engagements plus nurtures non-members and engages potential members to come into the Suite.
  • Finance – A chart of accounts as well as coaching to improve profitability and optimize cash flow
  • Coaching- to improve efficiency, as well as planning toward your ultimate dream or goal.

Supply Chain: How to Open a Salt Cave Business and Stock It?

  • Skincare Lines
  • Vetted Halogenerator and other industry products from trusted partners
  • Retail lines for gifts and other occasions
  • Tracked and Analyzed data to improve turns and profit
Supply Chain