Opening a Salt Cave

Opening a salt cave shouldn’t only be about salt walls, a halogenerator, and a pre-opening plan.  Salt therapy has been around for thousands of years and will be around for a thousand more.  Your support should be as enduring. That’s what we provide at The Salt Suite®

Health and wellness franchise opportunities provide more than the kickstart.  With The Salt Suite® opening a salt cave includes:

  • Site selection with an international real-estate company
  • World class buildout team
  • Pre-opening training
  • Opening training
  • Ongoing coaching

The Industry – As Vast as the Salt in the Ocean!

In the last 18 months, the number of salt caves opening grew by 50%.  Most of these locations were adding a small salt room or booth, where people may experience salt therapy for the first time.  During the same time, The Salt Suite® experienced an equal growth acceleration.  The Salt Suite® customer’s experience vastly differs to the mom-and-pop delivery. With 10 years of industry experience, we have tips and tools that wow customers. We have training to help you cultivate a warm professional caring team that helps clients. Our clients appreciate the professional spa setting with an eye for effectiveness and comfort.

With The Salt Suite health and wellness opportunity, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.  Your success is equally important to us.  Benefit from our 10 years of experience in this health and wellness opportunity.  If you want to talk about franchise opportunities now, click or call.

Potential Clients

Americans have 379,000,000 conditions that salt therapy could alleviate the symptoms.

Yes, you read that right!  The United States has a population of 331,000,000 and 379,000,000 conditions would benefit from opening a salt cave!

# Affected % of US
Extreme Stress 109,230,000 33.00%
Exercise on Regular Basis 76,130,000 23.00%
Allergies 50,000,000 15.11%
Sinusitis 38,400,000 11.60%
Eczema 35,000,000 10.57%
Asthma 25,000,000 7.55%
Sleep Apnea 22,066,667 6.67%
COPD 15,700,000 4.74%
Psoriasis 7,500,000 2.27%
379,026,667 114.51%
Population of US 331,000,000
Children 44.30% Of children 18 and younger with one or more asthma attacks within past year
47.20% Of children under 5

The Salt Suite® health and wellness franchise opportunity serves ages 3-weeks to 100 years+. We serve men and women. Most could benefit from our therapy. It leaves a vast opportunity of potential clients.

‘Health on My Terms’ and a New Focus on Respiratory

Americans choose to control their health journey. We want to understand our options, learn about what we put into our bodies, and lead our wellness journey. This sentiment led to the boom in heath and wellness franchises. Boutique gyms popped on many corners.  For salt therapy, you will not find us at every red light. Nor will you find us at large online retailers nor big box brick and mortars. While some sell an at home version, the efficacy often lacks.  Salt therapy in its full form requires proprietary HVAC knowledge and protection. Otherwise, it can cause costly damage to HVAC systems. Replicating what The Salt Suite® franchise offers at home would be difficult, messy and costly.

Keep it Simple and Repeat

Why make it complicated? A focus on salt keeps the total employees needed around two to three people. No need for licensed employees like massage therapist or estheticians who take clients when they leave. Avoid headaches!  Our suites may serve 12 or more clients at one time with one person working! Our health and wellness franchise model requires small retail inventory. And we focus on monthly memberships to bring in recurring monthly revenue.


Technology is integrated with every customer touchpoint for a convenient experience.  Opening a salt cave can be daunting.  However, we provide franchise owners with the right technology for daily operations to continually be with their clients along their salt therapy journey.

Available Territories

Looking great place to start a health and wellness franchise opportunity?  Choose a prime territory and scale to new areas as you grow.  Veterans qualify for a 10% discount on our territory fee.

You Served Your Country. The Salt Suite® Serves Your Community

After supporting the country’s dream of freedom and opportunity, it is time to pursue your dream of business ownership. The Salt Suite® takes pride in helping veterans achieve their dreams with a salt therapy franchise. Veterans bring valuable skills of leadership, integrity, and critical thinking. They know how to work with others to accomplish a goal. These skills work well in our salt therapy franchise model to build a successful business.


Veteran Discount Opportunity

The International Franchise Association established the VetFran program to encourage franchise ownership. Participating franchisors offer financial incentives to honorably discharged veterans to encourage business ownership. The Salt Suite® is proud to participate in the VetFran program. Qualified candidates receive 10% off of their initial franchise fee!

Need more information about why The Salt Suite® salt therapy franchise is right for you? Then give us a call at (561) 865-6238, email or fill out the form on the right so that we may answer your questions.