My raves go to The Salt Suite! Last August I began to cough so bad I couldn’t breathe and three times was rushed to the emergency clinic. I was diagnosed with asthma attacks brought on by an allergy. The doctor had now put me on a nebulizer, an inhaler and 3 different meds. I am not a medicine person. In Jan. my son and daughter in law decided to try The Salt Suite for my cough. Almost immediately I noticed a difference. I have tried to go 3x a week. The doctor has taken me off the nebulizer, I am on 1 allergy pill and although the inhaler remains with me, I have not used it in 2 months. I am a firm believer in The Salt Suite, and although I still have asthma I am not afraid of doing what I want and landing up in the emergency clinic. PS: The staff is wonderful and will work with you to make appointments convenient.